Here, you may find the answers of the frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the translation success percentage of ProÇeviri?

A: There are software packages which claim to achieve an almost 100 % success percentage but we can describe it as a play on the words. For example a software which translates "I love you," as "Ben sevmek sen," can claim to make a 100 % correct translation because each English word is correctly replaced with its equivalent Turkish meaning but since these words don't compose a grammatically correct sentence, this would be an incorrect claim. One of the hardest parts of translation (and in which it's so easy to go astray) is to rearrange words in the sentence so that it would be as close as to the original meaning. If the reference point for a 100 % successful translation is human translation, a software which claims to reach this point, would also be claiming to translate as successful as a human translator but unfortunately, with the current technology, this is impossible. Instead of committing a deception, we just say that ProÇeviri is the clear best of its kind and we base it on tests. Rather than doing a comparison with artificial percentages, simply download each software's demo and try it yourself. You'll see the difference.

Q: What is the quality of the translation made with this software?

A: This software is mostly designed for people without enough English knowledge. If you assist computer in translation (that needs a little bit English knowledge) , you can get satisfactory results. For examples click here.

Q: What does it mean "to assist computer in translation"?

A: Some sentences in English may have multiple meanings in Turkish and each meaning of these English words which has multiple meanings, gives a different translation. A human can select the most logical meaning but a computer doesn't have this chance. In these situations, user can assist the computer by selecting the appropriate meaning from the alternatives when asked.

Q: I don't know English. Does this software help?

A: You can translate sentences even if you don't know English. In this case, the software will try to guess the correct meanings of the English words. The quality of the translation may change depending on the grammatical mistakes in the sentence and the number of the words that has multiple meanings.

Q: Does ProÇeviri translate from Turkish to English?

A: No, ProÇeviri only translates from English to Turkish.

Q: Is there an easy way to translate text from web browser?

A: If not already running, run ProÇeviri. Select the text from your browser and press CTRL-D. (This method may work with other programs as well.)

Q: What is the price of ProÇeviri and how can i buy it?

A: Please look at the download section.

Q: Does this software recognize technical words ?

A: Special versions including technical words for Medicine, Engineering and Economics are among our future plans. Unfortunately we cannot give a date of release.

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