These are the features that distinguish ProÇeviri as superior from other translation softwares:

ProÇeviri has the best English-to-Turkish translation engine. Instead of relying on the examples at translation software web sites, for example select a random text from a novel or a news site and translate it with each of them to see the difference.

Word capacity is at topmost level. It recognizes almost every word used in daily life. Its complex recognition system can derive the meaning of unknown words from other root words in the dictionary.

Example: Even if the words such as "undrawable", "recoat", "runnability" are not present in the dictionary, their meanings will be correctly derived from other words.

It also recognizes slang, idioms or obsolete words.

Example: "Are you nuts, your mother's going to go bananas!" will be translated as "Deli misin, annen, çılgına dönecek!" and "What d'ye lack?" will be translated as "Neyden eksik olursun?"

It correctly handles quotation marks or parentheses.

Example: "He said 'I know. You should wait,' but I ignored his warning and said 'I'll do as I wish.'" will be translated correctly as "'Biliyorum. Beklemeliydin' dedi ama uyarısını görmezlikten geldim ve 'İstediğim gibi yapacağım' dedim."

It uses as natural Turkish as possible. You seldom see words which are in grammatically incorrect form and hard to identify.

Its translation speed is second to none, it doesn't keep you waiting and decrease productivity. Its memory consumption is at a very low level.

You can translate the text part by part to avoid confusion.

You can transfer and translate a selected text from another application by only pressing a hotkey.

It supports unicode. Characters are correctly displayed in every Windows version. It supports both Turkish and English user interface.

It displays every meaning of a word with a mouse-click on it and you can choose any other meaning. Thus it reduces meaning losses to a minimum.

Example: Translating "He likes driving my car and today he drove me home but sometimes he drives his children too much because he wants them to be successful." and choosing appropriate meanings for each "to drive" verb gives a meaningful translation: "Arabamı sürmeyi seviyor ve bugün eve beni götürdü ama bazen çocuklarını çok fazla zorlar çünkü başarılı olması için onları istiyor."

It's the only software with a user-assisted translation feature. You have the option (but are not obliged) to help the computer determine the correct functions of multi-functioned words. (For example a word that is both noun and verb) This feature lets you catch every meaning of a sentence.

Example: ProÇeviri correctly translates "They're the only family he has left." as "Onlar, terk ettiği tek ailedir." but the intended meaning may be different in this sentence and with user-assisted translation option and selecting "verb+adjective" functions for "has+left" pair gives you "Onlar, kalan sahip olduğu tek ailedir." User-assisted translation is the only way to prevent meaning losses in such situations and only ProÇeviri gives you this opportunity.

You can add your own words to the user dictionary and expand the word capacity of the software. You can easily back up or restore the dictionary.

It displays the sentences as they are translated. You don't have to wait the whole translation to finish to start reading.

It lets you change the font type and size for English and Turkish text. You can undo changes in the text with its multi-undo feature.

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